Zombie George Washington leads an army of Zombie Soldiers in a siege of Washington DC



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Zombie George Washington leads an army of Zombie Soldiers in a siege of Washington DC

October 1, 2013 – Stockbridge, GA. WheelMan Press releases novel Zombie George Washington: The Zombie President and His Zombie Army March to Retake DC Zombie George Washington: The Zombie President and His Zombie Army March to Retake DC (978-0-9894552-8-2, Trade paperback, 154 pp, 5.5 x 8.5, $12.99).

The government hatches a secret plan to resurrect dead war veterans to create an army of zombie super-soldiers, and they bring back two of America’s greatest generals, President George Washington and General George S. Patton, to lead them. But when the two leaders discover just how corrupt the government they once so loyally served has become, it leads to deception, death, destruction, and a zombie army laying siege to Washington, DC, with the long-dead former President at its head.

Zombie George Washington: The Zombie President and His Zombie Army March to Retake DC is a collaboration between GB Banks, the author of the highly acclaimed short story collection, Phoenix Tales: Stories of Death & Life, and the bestselling series, the WALKERS, based in the universe of The Walking Dead, and Blaine Hislop, author of Silence and Shadows, Book 1, the MMA fighter turned Batman-like vigilante series Born in Blood, and the series The Cullens. Zombie George Washington is currently being pitched to several producers and studios in the hopes of becoming a major motion picture in the vein of the highly successful World War Z.

Zombie George Washington: The Zombie President and His Zombie Army March to Retake DC is available through distributors Ingram, Baker & Taylor, and from most major bookstores and ebook retailers worldwide. To contact the authors, you may send them an email via Tom Townsend at Integrity Artists Management: integrityartistsmanagement@gmail.com.

Marcia Reid, author of Finally Reid, begins AAMBC Virtual Book Tour today



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Finally-ReidMarcia Reid, author of Finally Reid, begins AAMBC Virtual Book Tour today

May 1, 2013 – Stockbridge, GA. Marcia Reid, author of the inspirational real life story “Finally Reid,” begins an AAMBC Virtual Book Tour today.

Beginning today, Finally Reid: The Extraordinary Testimonies of an Ordinary Woman by Marcia Reid begins an AAMBC Virtual Book Tour. Finally Reid is about the process of author Marcia Reid’s personal discovery through various challenges that helped her grow along the way.It is the life story of a woman with humble beginnings as a little girl from the poor and rural hills of the island of Jamaica, chronicling her struggles with epilepsy as a young girl, as a student with Attention Deficit Disorder and the pain of a child estranged from her father only to feel rejected later when he finally appears. It also tells of a woman fulfilling her dream of moving to New York, a dream that was temporarily spoiled by her marriage to a dark, handsome waiter who hid from her his torrid affairs and his involvement with illegal drug trafficking. Despite her struggles, author Marcia Reid raised herself above it all, achieving an Ivy League education and millions in assets, which she would later lose in the real estate downturn. Her story is one of final redemption, culminating in her finding and marrying the love of her life at the age of 50 as only an extraordinary, ordinary woman could do.

When asked what the book means to her, Ms. Reid said: “Writing a book and sharing my personal struggles was extremely difficult. It has been heart-wrenching to relive some very painful experiences but if I can help just one person by sharing my story…then it’s all worth it. It gives me joy to be able to help others to move their mountains and release strongholds, so that they can recognize their God-given potentials.”

Finally Reid: The Extraordinary Testimonies of an Ordinary Woman is available from all major book retailers worldwide in both print and eBook formats. Click here  for Amazon.com.  For more information, or to schedule an interview, contact Marcia Windross by email marcia.windross@interpublic.com, on facebook page https://www.facebook.com/#!/FinallyReid at her website, www.FinallyReid.com, or through the publisher’s website  www.wheelmanpress.com or email press@bddesignonline.com.###


Free Preview of “Midnight Comes with the Dawn”

coverNow through March 10th, download the first five chapters of Midnight Comes with the Dawn for free exclusively on Amazon at:http://wlmpr.us/MCwtDfree.


Women. Infected blood. Rotting corpses.

Welcome to the world of Katrine Baten aka Midnight. She is one of the oldest existing Vampyirs and only surrounds herself with eye candy. But something is destroying not only her world, but the human world as well. Together with her lesbian coven by her side, she tries to seek a cure.

And what she discovers may change the course of how she lives as a lesbian Vampyir forever!

The Fifth Dimension Reviews Siberian Hellhole by Michael Mulvihill

Hellhole_frontSiberian Hellhole, the horror novel by our new authors, Michael Mulvilhill, has been reviewed by The Fifth Dimension blog. Read the review at: http://stuart66.blogspot.ie/2013_02_01_archive.html

Click links below to buy Siberian Hellhole now!

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Kobo Ereader: Kobo

Author Darlene Burns Interviewed on BlogTalkRadio

Darlene Burns, author of the soon to be released horror novel, Midnight Comes with the Dawn, was interviewed on BlogTalkRadio last night. Listen to her interview at the link below:


WheelMan Press Sponsoring Sexual Abuse Awareness Event

WheelMan Press is sponsoring a Sexual Abuse Awareness Event in support of the release of Millstone: Sexual Abuse, Betrayal, & Cover-up by the Catholic Church. The book, based on true events, tells the story of a Sexual Crimes Division Detective and her dogged pursuit of justice for the many victims who were sexually abused by priests hiding behind the shroud of the Catholic Church.

Please show your support by going to the Facebook page at:


and by purchasing the book at:


A part of the proceeds will go to support the victims.

WheelMan Press Relaunches with Expanding Catalog of Authors


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WheelMan Press Relaunches with Expanding Catalog of Authors

October 1, 2012 – Stockbridge, GA. WheelMan Press relaunches website with a new and quickly expanding catalog of authors (WheelMan Press – www.wheelmanpress.com).

WheelMan Press has relaunched with a brand new website and an expanding catalog of authors. With books such as Striker: Confessions of an Identity Theft Diva by Mamet, a story delving into the inner workings of the crime of identity theft, and the personal memoir of ex-NYPD cop and the corruption he discovered there, NYPD Blood by Vinnie by Lomardini & Kyle Michel Sullivan, as well as 101 Business Tips for Actors: The Things They Never Told You by Ron Bush, which delves into the business side of acting, WheelMan Press will be publishing a wide variety of books, books that tell compelling stories and explore topics meant to intrigue and inform.

Gregory Bernard Banks started WheelMan Press as an alternative to the numerous companies preying on unsuspecting authors, representing themselves as publishers when in truth they were nothing more than glorified vanity presses. So Gregory Banks learned the ins and outs of the publishing business, and, combined with years’ worth of graphic design and Internet knowledge, built a publishing company whose sole mission is to empower authors and provide them with the professional grade support and production that only he can offer, while allowing them to keep the majority of the profits for themselves.

For more information on the publisher, his company, or the aforementioned books, you may contact WheelMan Press via email at press@bddesignonline.com.


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Originally founded in the fall of 2003, WheelMan Press was created mainly to publish the speculative fiction and nonfiction by author Gregory Bernard Banks. Now we are expanding to publish the works of other Independent Authors whose work we feel needs to be read by the masses, and therefore we are offering them our “Spotlight” status, where we produce high quality print and ebook versions of their books, market and distribute them, while sharing the majority of the earnings with our authors.

Our main goal will always be to publish the best books out there, the kind of books that stimulates the mind, the imagination, and touches the soul. We aim to share stories about people and places great and small, take you on adventures to the quiet corners and farthest reaches of the Universe, to explore both the wondrous and the mundane, to provide informative books on a broad range of topics, and first and foremost, to empower our Spotlight Authors by providing our professional-level production and promotion while still allowing them to enjoy the majority of the profits. Anyone interested in joining our expanding roster of Spotlight Authors, please contact our management, Integrity Artists Management at: integrityartistsmanagement@gmail.com.

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